5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking


5 Essential tools for camp cooking is part 4 in a 5 part series…Everything you need to know about camping. The series was written to help calm your apprehensions about camping and get you out into the great outdoors. If you have never tried camping before, the idea of getting outdoors and next to nature can be a little overwhelming. Questions arise quickly… “Where should I go?” “What should I take?”  and “What will I eat?” are just a few that come to mind. Let’s start from the beginning and break it all down to see if we can get you outdoors and up close and personal to nature. Hopefully after reading a few of these ideas you will be out building a fire, cooking up great meals and leaving all your cares behind in no time flat.

Here is a brief recap of the series so far.

Part – 1 So You Want To Go Camping answered for us a few simple questions: “What is camping?”  “Why should I go?” and “Where should I go?”

Part 2 – 10 Must Haves When Camping helped us to understand 10 of the most important things needed to help prepare for a successful camping trip. 

Part 3 – Let’s Get Cooking took us through the different methods of cooking when camping. Let’s get started on Part 4.

5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking


Once you have decided how you are going to cook when camping, it’s time to gather up the things you will need to accomplish the task. I’ve put together a list of 5 essential tools that will have you whipping up delicious camp food that everyone will enjoy. Simplicity is the name of the game.  An elaborate meal now and again is fine, but it won’t be long until you discover food tastes great no matter how you choose to cook it. Being outdoors heightens the senses and your appetite. So keep it simple and then you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the moment with those around you. Getting too fancy and slaving over a meal can leave you  isolated. No one wants to be left out of all the fun.

1. A good set of pots and pans is #1 on the 5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking List. The size of the pots and pans needed will vary depending on how many people you will be cooking for. 3 Pots of varying sizes with lids and a frying pan will just about cover any cooking that you require. I am partial to stainless steel for easier clean up and due to the leaching of chemicals that can occur with aluminum pans. Stainless steel is heavier, so when weight is an issue (when backpacking) Titanium is the better choice.   

Stansport Premium Quality Stainless Steel 7 piece Deluxe Family Cookset 

Snow Peak Multi Compact 4 Piece Titanium Cook Set (backpacking)

2. Good Quality Utensils are an absolute necessity and #2 on the 5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking List. No matter the method you have chosen for cooking [email protected] Dutch Oven, Camp Stove, Table Top Grill or Campfire cooking a heavy duty set of utensils is required. Plastic or wooden is probably not a wise choice for obvious reasons. When putting your set together make sure you have the basics…spatula, ladle, large spoon, tongs, chopping knife, paring knife and a can opener. Add a corkscrew wine opener if you plan on enjoying a glass of vino on your camping trip.

GSI Outdoors Pioneer Chef’s Tools (Blue) Camp Chef Cast All Purpose Chef Set (5-Piece) 

3. Durable Dishes is next on the 5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking List. It is important when camping to have dishes that are lightweight, portable and can also serve a multitude of tasks. For example a simple cup can be used for a hot beverage in the morning, soup for lunch and a hearty chili for dinner. When tent, RV or cabin camping portability may not be much of an issue but when backpacking all those extra ounces of weight can add up pretty quickly. Think compact, stackable, multifunctional and you can’t go wrong.

GSI Outdoors Cascadian 4 Person Table Set (Green)

Light My Fire 6-Piece BPA-Free Outdoor Meal Kit with Plate, Bowl, Cup, Cutting Board, Container and Spork – Tomato Red (backpacking)

4. Cutlery is #4 on the 5 Essential Tools for Camp Cooking list. Bad cutlery is one of my pet peeves when camping. There is nothing worse than trying to cut a beautiful piece of meat and sawing through it with a dull knife that won’t cut. Perhaps I’m a bit of a snob, but if I am going to all the trouble of making something delicious worth cutting, I want to cut it, not saw it! I also do not like the taste of metal in my mouth that so much of the cheap cutlery has. So I invest a little bit more in better quality. But hey, that’s just me. No matter what you choose, you know you will need the standard knife, fork and spoon.

GSI Outdoors Pioneer Cutlery (Green) Light My Fire Titanium Spork (backpacking)

5. Cleaning Supplies is last on the list of the 5 Essential Tools for Camp Cooking. A few good cleaning supplies are just as important as all the other tools in your camping repertoire. Cleaning up traces of food around the campsite keeps all the little (and big) critters away and helps keep the area beautiful for the others coming behind you that want to enjoy it.  Your cleaning supplies should include a small square tub to put your dirty dishes in (when weight is not an issue), a few dish towels, wash cloth, and environmentally safe dish soap at the bare minimum. I also bring a metal scrubber for the more difficult pans, and a dish drainer to hold the drying dishes.

5 Essential Tools For Camp Cooking

This list is by no means the end all be all but it is what I have found to be helpful. One of the things I did not add to the list but bring everytime I go camping (unless I am backpacking) is a Boudin Coffee Press. A good cup of coffee is one thing I refuse to give up when i’m camping. I am sure that you will also have your personal must haves as well. This list is a great place to start and will give you the basics of what’s necessary. If you have these 5 Essential Tools for Camp Cooking you will have everything you need to cook up fabulous meals in the great outdoors.

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